If you have any questions please take a look at our FAQs below, if you need any further help please get in touch using our contact us page.

Are there classes for absolute beginners?

Our Beginner Ballroom & Latin class is for ABSOLUTE Beginners, no need for any experience whatsoever, just turn up… with a sense of humour and lots of enthusiasm.
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In the Fun Dance Fit dance-fitness classes the dances are broken down into easily learnable sections. You repeat specific steps in a sequence a few times, starting slowly with simple steps but then getting a bit faster with your feet and integrating more arm moves as the routine progresses. It’s easy to pick up – and lots of fun.
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What if I have no dance experience? I’ve been told I have two left feet and no rhythm. Can I still learn to dance?

Yes!  Anyone can learn to dance.

We work with beginners all the time.  Our Beginners group classes are designed to help everyone master the basic steps.  We can explain and demonstrate dances in a way that makes it easy for people with no prior dance training to understand.  We will also help you hear the rhythm in the music.

We encourage you to come to our class and try it out.

If you can walk, you can dance!

I have other dance training but I’ve never done ballroom. What level should I start with?

Prior dance training is generally an advantage in that you will have good body awareness and experience in learning steps quickly.  However, ballroom dancing is quite different from other types of dancing, and learning to connect properly to a partner is ultimately more important than memorizing steps.  In addition, technique in ballroom dancing can be different than in solo dancing.

For these reasons, we often recommend that even dancers who are experienced in other disciplines start with a Beginner level class. It never hurts to review the basics. You may progress more quickly than someone with no prior dance training, but it is important for you to establish a good foundation.

If you’re still unsure which class would be the best fit for you & your partner, feel free to call Terri to chat further on 0208 133 8142.

How long will it take to learn to dance?

In our adult couples dances we find that everyone learns at a different pace. Some dances are easier to pick up, but generally most people are able to learn the basic routines for 1 Latin and 1 ballroom dance within 6-8 weeks. Our couples classes are 1 hour in duration.

How will I know when I can move into the next level of class?

A strong foundation is key to your development and progress as a dancer. Before graduating to a new level, you should feel confident dancing the entire syllabus of material for your current level.

Our Ballroom & Latin classes are designed so that after you complete Level I you may immediately begin Level II the following month. Level II is more challenging, but as long as you practice all the steps you learned in Level I, you will have no difficulty keeping up!

You can repeat the Beginners class again if you want to and feel that this would be of benefit for you. Some of our participants have done this and found it very useful.

And you can always talk to one of us if you’re not sure what to do.

How fit do I need to be? What if I have an old injury or I have back, hip or knee problems?

Partner dancing is great way to exercise, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an athlete! Ballroom dancing is suited to people of all ages, and it can be as relaxed as you would like it to be—we call it “ social” dancing for a reason! Lifts are reserved for professional performances, not for the social dance floor.

In the Ballroom Blast! Fitness classes each routine is capable of being danced at varying levels of effort, accommodating people of varying levels of fitness or health.

See our Benefits of Dance page for more information.

Also, we ask everyone joining any of our classes to complete a Health & Safety form, so if you do have an old injury or specific physical limitation we can adjust any patterns or movements to suit your needs.


Can I come on my own?

Unfortunately, not for the ballroom and Latin lessons. You will need a dance partner to join these classes.

For the Ballroom Blast! Fitness classes – yes, you don’t need a partner as these are designed to be danced solo.

Will I dance only with my partner?

Yes. In our adult couples Ballroom & Latin classes you will be dancing with your partner. We do not ever ask you to dance with another partner – occasionally a teacher may partner with you, just to help you master a step.

I'm really nervous!

It’s easy for us to say ‘DON’T BE’ but really ‘don’t be’.  The most important thing to remember is that everyone feels the same way. We’ll start from the ground up, and build your confidence and knowledge from there. Over time we’ll start giving you techniques to make you a more elegant dancer.

The hardest step you will take is the one through the front door the first time, from then on, it’s a piece of cake.

What do we wear?

Our dress code is fairly casual for our adult ballroom group classes. You should wear something that’s comfortable, that you can move easily in, and that won’t be too hot.

For the Ballroom Blast! Fitness classes all you need are comfortable workout clothes, trainers (preferably not brand new), a towel and water.

Click here to read more about What to Wear.

Do I need to buy dance shoes for the classes?

No, you don’t.

For adult ballroom classes we suggest you wear smooth or leather-soled shoes that fit well and stay on your feet. Trainers, rubber-soled shoes, or anything with a heavy tread are not recommended, as they are difficult to dance in and can put a lot of strain on your ankles and joints.

Ladies – if you are wearing sandals, make sure you have a closed back sandal. So no flip-flops, slide on shoes or backless sandals. Also, avoid stilettos, clogs, wedges, and sliders.

If, after taking a few classes, you want to get some nice dance shoes we can advise you on the best and more appropriate shoes for you – that won’t break the bank!

For Ballroom Blast! Fitness classes we recommend that you wear an old pair of trainers that have less grip in their treads, rather than new ones that may stick to the floor.

Click here to read more about What to Wear.

How long before the class starts should we arrive?

Providing you are there for the start time we don’t mind. It’s a good idea to get there about 5-10 minutes before the start of your class so that we are ready to start on time.

Can we park nearby?

Yes. There are car parks all the halls, so you should have no trouble parking. Please see our Venues page for details of the hall locations and class times.

How do I pay for the class?

We accept cash and debit/credit cards at our classes.

Can I record the class?

No. Recording the class by any participant is not allowed due to the privacy of other participants.

What is the age range of your students?

Our students range from the young to the young at heart — from their 20’s to 70+.

Do you offer classes for children?

No, our students are adults.  We are affiliated with Rhythmix Dance Academy in Potters Bar who do offer many types of dance classes for children.

Click here for their information.

What are group classes?

Our group classes are a fun, highly effective way to learn simple routines and start to build your confidence among a community of other participants. Our classes are separated by difficulty, so you’ll be at roughly the same level as everyone else in each lesson, and you’ll build camaraderie with your fellow dancers as you rise through the “ranks” together.

What are private lessons & do I need them?

Group classes are a great way to start and are more than adequate for the social dancer.

Private dance lessons provide the opportunity for focused, one-on-one learning and immediate personalised feedback from your instructor. You & your partner can learn in a comfortable, private environment, with lessons fine-tuned to your specific interests and needs.

Our private lessons usually have a ‘waiting list’ and offered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so please let us know if you would like to be added to our ‘waiting list’. These are held at the North Mymms Memorial Hall on Friday evenings.

Wedding & celebration dance lessons are available and can sometimes be held at a different venue

What is a Social Practice Night?

Our Socials or Practice Nights – are an opportunity for our adult couples to practice dancing all the ballroom & latin dances you’ve learned in class, but in a social situation.

Our students attend to have fun, learn, and dance! At our dance nights, we supply the music, tea, coffee & biscuits, and have a fabulous time in a relaxed atmosphere where you have the opportunity to dance and meet other students.

We are on hand to offer advice & help, if needed, and introduce you to our family of students, helping you to get comfortable and improve your dancing.

Can I buy a Ballroom course or lesson for a friend or relative?

Absolutely! Ballroom dance classes make lovely gifts, and you will receive a personalised gift voucher once you have made your purchase. If you would like to buy a course for a friend, then please email Terri on admin@nicksdanceschool.com

Do you want to learn to dance for a very special occasion?

We can help. Our staff can choreograph any dance you require to your special piece of music to make your Wedding Day, Anniversary, Birthday etc into a “Very Special Occasion”.

Click here for more info on Wedding & Celebration Dance private lessons.

Would you like a dance lesson at one of your special parties or functions?

A dance lesson at your special event (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) is a great way to get the people bonding and the party started whilst having loads of fun.

We offer a personal, stress free and friendly service to help make your party a relaxed and fun affair. Our choreography is designed for all abilities, age and genders – no experience necessary. We teach an easy to learn routine and focus on getting the fun element into your party night.

We can help you choose the music (unless you know exactly what you want to dance to), choreograph a simple routine to the music track, come along on the night and teach your friends & family the dance. Then, once you are all setting the dance floor on fire with your new moves, we will slip away and leave you to enjoy rest of your night’s dancing.

So, if you want to include, for example, a simple Salsa, Jive or Merengue dance ‘class’ as part of your party, we can help.

Email Terri on admin@nicksdanceschool.com for further details.

How much are classes?

Adult Couples Ballroom & Latin Classes

We have a 4-weekly discount Class Pass option for 4 consecutive classes for those wishing to pay for block of classes.

However, we understand that not everyone can commit to come to every weekly lesson, life tends to get in the way sometimes, so if you prefer you can Pay-As-You-Go. This way you can do as few, or as many classes as you want without obligation.

4-weekly Class Pass Option £54.00 per couple
Pay-As-You-Go Option £15.00 per couple

Ballroom Blast! Fitness

Ballroom Blast! Fitness LO

4-weekly Class Pass Option £30.00
Pay-As-You-Go Option £ 8.50

Ballroom Blast! Fitness & Tone

4-weekly Class Pass Option £28.00
Pay-As-You-Go Option £ 8.00

Simply Stretch

4-weekly Class Pass Option £18.00
Pay-As-You-Go Option £ 5.00