Our school principal Terri has been working with Rhythmix Dance Academy owner Emma Powell for some time and between them talk about the 2 dance schools as 1 family. At Rhythmix Terri teaches Latin In Line for adults every Wednesday evening and also hosts her Wednesday morning FitSteps classes in the Rhythmix Studio in the heart of Potters Bar. Terri has also run school holiday workshops and taught other dance classes at the Academy.
Next weekend, Saturday 11th May, sees the Rhythmix Showcase event during which Terri’s Latin pupils will be performing two routines, Salsa and Paso Doble
However one of the other event performances will be by Emma’s Freestyle team and whilst watching them rehearse one day, Terri asked Emma to show her one of the sequences as she just loved the music and routine. What she didn’t expect was for Emma to subsequently create a place within the dance group for Terri for the performance!
Terri has danced ballroom and Latin since she was a teenager, and whilst she studied freestyle at Corona Stage Academy, that was a long time ago so it isn’t something her body is accustomed to doing any more. Plus we need to take into consideration that Terri is over 20 years older than Emma and probably more than three times the age of some of the rest of the dance group!!!
Yet with many hours of rehearsal in her kitchen Terri was determined to learn the routine and learn it well. She is proof that the body achieves what the mind believes.
However Terri has also learnt that be careful what you ask for as you never know where it will take you! Not only is she involved in the freestyle number, she is also performing a Bollywood routine – a style of dance that Terri has never done before.
Good luck to Terri and everyone involved in the Rhythmix Showcase this weekend!
We can’t wait to see the photos!