By Terri, Sue and Anne-Marie

It’s three years since cancer took our Nick from us.

It’s no secret that when he left us, things were challenging: Terri lost the man she was meant to marry and Sue and Anne-Marie lost a great friend. Going forward in the face of grief seemed, at times, impossible.

But little by little, with the support of the community and our wonderful students, we have continued on: choreographing, practicing hard, expanding our knowledge, always learning.

We get such a buzz from watching our students progress, watching them improve each week and are absolutely ecstatic when we see their joy at having nailed a routine. It’s like we’re passing on a little bit of Nick to each and every person, not just through the dance steps but through the sense of fun and enjoyment we all derive from teaching. We’re paying it forwards.

So three years on, with a fresh timetable and a renewed focus, we are more determined than ever to keep dancing. We have joined forces with Rythmix Academy of Dance where we teach Latin Line Dance on a weekly basis and we are currently training to add other dance skills to our portfolio.

In the face of it all dancing has been the thing that has got us through. While we wish that Nick was here to do all these new things with us, we hope we’re making him proud by continuing, and expanding, his legacy.