Wedding Dance

Your first wedding dance is a special moment for you and your loved one, and should give both you and your guests memories to treasure for a lifetime.

But the thought of that first dance in front of all your guests can feel a little scary – which is where we can help. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor, whether you want simple steps, classy elegance or a glitzy extravaganza.

Nick’s Dance School has a growing reputation for creating memorable wedding dance choreography, and teaching couples from beginner to advanced how to feel confident when dancing their first dance together as a newly married couple.

Whatever your level of dance experience (even if you’ve never danced before), we can choreograph an eye-catching dance and give you and your partner the confidence to hit the dance floor and WOW your guests!

You can choose to have an Initial Consultation with Terri before choosing whether to book a Wedding Dance Package.

Our wedding dance guide should tell you all you need to know, otherwise please contact us

We also teach father-daughter and mother-son dances.


The Wedding Dance Packages

Our Wedding Dance Packages offer one-on-one tuition in friendly atmosphere. Terri is friendly, patient and encouraging, teaching you the dance steps and building your confidence.

A dance routine is developed with input from you regarding your chosen song, the wedding dress, dance experience and how you would like to dance.

Terri will choreograph a dance to the length of your chosen song and natural style. Our lessons are warm and friendly and can be as technical or as fun as you want them to be.

The final lesson is used as a dress rehearsal to offer you any additional guidance, tips and support.

Standard Package                                    Duration: 5 hours           £205.00


This package is perfect for couples who want to learn a full personalised dance routine to their special song.

It is designed for you to be as sure as possible that you know their routine really well, and you feel both prepared and confident with your ‘first dance’, ready for your big day.

This is ideal for you:

  • If you’ve never danced before or are feeling nervous at the thought of everyone watching you.
  • You want to learn a simple, but wow! dance, feel confident & have fun on the dance floor together!
  • No previous dancing experience is required.

Terri will choreograph a full routine from start to finish for your special song.

The style of dance will depend on the type of music & dress, as well as how you would like to dance.


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Premium Package                                    Duration: 8 hours           £315.00


Want to look like you have just come off ‘Strictly’?

Want to go that little bit further with your dance or want some lifts or dips to amaze your guests?

This package is ideal for couples who really want the eye-catching WOW! factor:

  • Designed for couples who don’t want to have to practice too many times by themselves, but want to know their dance really well and be ‘foot perfect’.
  • Maybe you want to include lifts or want a more elaborate/intricate show dance.
  • No previous dancing experience is required.
  • The style of dance will depend on the type of music & dress, as well as how you would like to dance.

Terri you will choreograph a full routine from start to finish for ‘your song’ taking into consideration your level of dance experience and incorporating any fancy ‘extras’ you would like included.

Terri will also give you additional guidance and tips on how to really put the ‘WOW!’ into your Wedding Dance.


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‘Last Minute’ Package                            Duration: 2 hours           £95.00


For couples who don’t want to do a full song and maybe want their guests to join in some of the way through, or are limited in time, but you want to have some idea of what you’re doing rather than just the ‘Wedding Shuffle’, then this is the package for you:

  • This will give you a few simple moves that you can dance and help you ‘dance to impress’.
  • The lessons are suitable for everyone.
  • No previous dancing experience is required.
  • The style of dance will depend on the type of music and your level of ability.
  • You will be shown as many moves as is appropriate for Terri to fit in to the timescale*.

* You would require around 5 hours of lessons if you are to dance a full routine to your song and feel completely confident.



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Initial Consultation            Duration: 30 minutes                        £15.00  

A 30-minute consultation with the happy couple who would like to discuss their requirements, song choices, venue dance floor size, the style of wedding dress the bride will be wearing & answer any questions or concerns you may have before deciding whether to book a Wedding Dance Lesson Package.

Terri will also use this consultation to assess your dance experience and abilities, listen to your chosen song and offer suggestions for dance styles to your song.

You will be shown a few basic steps that you can dance to your chosen song, so that you can get a feel for how Terri can help you to make your first dance as a married couple special.

  • The consultation is suitable for everyone.
  • No previous dancing experience is required.
  • This consultation will not provide you with a wedding dance routine. It demonstrates some simple, basic steps that could be used in your wedding dance if you choose to book a dance package.
  • You can upgrade to our Standard Package or other packages if you wish to after completing your Initial Consultation if you want a ‘First Dance’ designed to your song.

Contact us now to book your initial consultation

Dress Rehearsal (at venue) *                 Duration: 1 hour                   £75.00

For couples who want a dress rehearsal of their wedding dance at the reception venue the day before with Terri there to fine tune and polish the routine on the actual dance floor, and offer any final guidance and tips.

*  Dress Rehearsal is only available for wedding venues that are within a 20 miles radius from Potters Bar.

* Only available for couples who have already completed one of the Wedding Dance Packages.

If you have any queries feel free to contact us.

We look forward to creating something special together.



Terms & Conditions:

  • Payment for a Wedding Package must be made in full in advance by bank transfer.
  • Packages are in 1 hour or 30-minute lessons, or a combination of both.
  • If you require additional lessons to add any finishing touches before the big day you can purchase them separately at the end of your Wedding Dance Package.



Do I need any dance experience?

You don’t need previous dance experience to take our lessons, as we tailor the dance to suit you. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have danced in the past, we can work with your level of skill and natural ability, to ensure yours is the best wedding dance possible.

All dance routines are broken down into simple, easy steps, adding any fancy bits or intricate elements where appropriate.You can have a 30-minute Initial Consultation if you’d like a trial before you book any lessons.

What will our dance be like?

We will create a dance routine that’s suitable for you, appropriate to the song you choose, and of course, with the bride’s dress in mind. Informal or formal, simple and straightforward or intricate, it’s up to you.

Your input is essential when choreographing your wedding dance. We work with you to incorporate any ideas you have into a dance that suits you as a couple and suits the song you’ve chosen so you can WOW! your family and friends.

What dances do you teach?


The more notice you can give us prior to your wedding the better. The earlier you take your wedding dance lessons, the more time to practice.

We recommend you get in touch with us at least 8-12 weeks before your wedding day if you want to book a Wedding Dance Package.

How often should we have our wedding dance lessons?

We understand that you have a lot to do in the lead up to your big day, so we try to fit the lessons to suit your schedule.

Evenings, weekends and day-time lessons are possible (the venue may change depending upon the time & day you are available)