Simply Stretch

What does stretching mean to you?

Something you do when you get out of bed, an element of your fitness routine or something other people do?

Stretching our muscles in fact is really important and should be part of our daily routine to help with everyday activities, even more so if you find yourself sitting a lot or if you’re over 50.

It’s common knowledge that as we age, our muscles and tendons tighten and weaken, and our joints become stiff, causing a reduction in flexibility.

Did you know that having tight muscles can cause an imbalance in your body which can lead to issues with your hips, shoulders, back and neck?

Simply Stretch provides a fusion of stretching and strengthening based on the Alixa Flexibility program of which Terri is a qualified instructor.  The Alixa Flexibility syllabus has been carefully developed over 22 years with research consultation from experts in physiotherapy, sports medicine, massage therapy, rehabilitation, neurology & kinesiology.

This class for safe, smart stretching and strengthening which  is suitable for all levels of abilities and ages, building a solid flexibility foundation with a focus on injury prevention, strengthening and safety

Improving your flexibility can help you do just about any movement more comfortably, from walking to sitting to bending over to pick up something you dropped. It allows for easier and deeper movements while building strength and stability.  Flexibility, when done correctly, promotes body confidence, the ability to move better, and helps keep the body pain free.

The Simply Stretch class involves low-intensity exercises for your neck, arms, back, hips & legs to help give easier movement in your joints and release muscle tension

Gaining flexibility, strength and correct alignment can help improve your overall health for everyday activities. Plus stretching your muscles feels great so you will leave this class feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy the rest of your day.

Why not give it a try to see what a difference to your day it can make.

Please Note:

If possible, please bring a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks & belt with you if you have them. We can supply these if required. All equipment is Covid secure, has been disinfected and not used by anyone else for a minimum of 48 hours.

Simply Stretch Classes are currently only Welwyn Garden City on Thursday 12.30 pm – 1.15 pm however more classes will be added to the programme in due course.  Click here for venue and price details.


Please note that under the current Covid-19 guidelines you will be expected to sanitise your hands upon arrival at the venue and wear a face mask until you are situated in your own personal workout area.

If you are Covid symptomatic we ask you to please not come to a class for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms and you must be at least 7 days with no symptoms. You will not be allowed back to the venue for at least 14 days from the onset of symptoms and will require clearance from a COVID Medical officer before you return or a clear LFT result.