Who knew fitness could so much fun……..

When it comes to fitness, finding a class that you really enjoy and want to do regularly is very important

How many of us tune in to Strictly Come Dancing in the Autumn and wish we could dance like that?

Well now there is range of classes that will help to get you fit and learn some ballroom dance moves- all without a partner!

Welcome to the FitSteps® with Terri range of dance fitness classes!

Designed and created by Natalie Lowe, Ian Waite (from Strictly Come Dancing) and Olympic swimmer Mark Foster, FitSteps® are classes brimming with fitness routines based totally on dance steps.

In the classes you repeat specific steps in a sequence a few times, starting slowly with simple steps but then getting a bit faster with your feet and integrating more arm moves as the routine progresses. It’s easy to pick up – and lots of fun.

All the dances also have different fitness aims – combining dances that give you a cardio workout, others that have more shaping and stretching to help tone, and then slower dances to cool down, FitSteps® is the dance fitness programme that is ‘so much fun’ you don’t even realise you’re getting fit!

We offer a range of classes to meet your current fitness level too including FitSteps & Tone and FitSteps LO.

As Terri explains: “To me it brings together fitness training and dance movement in a unique way. Plus I personally hate going to the gym because I find working out in that type of environment boring and as a result I am less likely to be motivated to go. I know many others who feel the same way.”

Nicks Dance School provide a variety of FitSteps classes in Potters Bar and Welwyn Garden City so find out which class would be best for you here:

FitSteps LO Class

FitSteps LO is an upbeat dance class designed for people who love to dance, want to keep fit yet for a variety of reasons they prefer a lighter intensity, lower impact and perhaps a slower pace.

Lots of dancing but less impact on the joints!

This class is designed to be low impact encouraging people of all ages and abilities to come and enjoy the benefit of dance and exercise combined, you can do as little or as much as you feel comfortable with. And the dance moves can be tailored for all abilities.

Within this class Terri also incorporates 20 mins of Dance Focus, giving you the opportunity to focus on one step or one dance with tips on how to increase the workout or modify the steps to suit your level of fitness.

Check out times and venues of the FitSteps LO classes here.

FitSteps & Tone Class

A fusion of the fun FitSteps dance-based fitness workout mixing the graceful steps of ballroom with the up-tempo steps of Latin You will enjoy dance styles seen on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ such as the American Smooth, Cha Cha Cha, Paso Doble, Salsa and Tango.

This is then combined with Tone routines that engage the lower body muscles whilst resistance bands are used to strengthen and tone the upper body.  There is less stress to the joints than experienced with other types of resistance training plus you don’t need a partner to dance with!

This unique fusion of dance fitness with resistance training will get your heart pumping, your muscles toned and your face smiling!

Please note: Resistance bands will be provided for you. All equipment is Covid secure, has been disinfected and not used by anyone else for a minimum of 48 hours.

However, if, after your first class, you would like to purchase your own band this can be arranged. Bands cost £2.50.

Find out times and venues of the FitSteps & Tone Classes by clicking here


Please note that under the current Covid-19 guidelines you will be expected to sanitise your hands upon arrival at the venue and wear a face mask until you are situated in your own personal workout area.

If you are Covid symptomatic we ask you to please not come to a class for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms and you must be at least 7 days with no symptoms. You will not be allowed back to the venue for at least 14 days from the onset of symptoms and will require clearance from a COVID Medical officer before you return or a clear LFT result.

If you have any questions please take a look at our FAQ page, if you need any further help please get in touch using our contact us page.